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Types of work home maker or housewife can do without commuting on a daily basis. Listing the gist of work(s) one may be interested in. Go through the list then select one which interests you most. Surf the net to get to know what sort of work and payment available online or services render by people in the chosen area. Then try creating a niche for yourself and try to be distinctive as much as possible. As it is an old English proverb “When there’s a will there’s a way”. Considering the fact that you wish to work for companies that offer home-based work then be focused to sign in with the company which has legitimate paying routes such as Paypal or Payza or other proven e-transaction services. And for ladies looking for work from Pakistan, it is sad to inform you the phenomenal fact that Paypal doesn’t cater for Pakistan but only Payza. So better look for payza logo only then become a member. Another fact if you are asked to pay for membership fee then it’s definitely a scam don’t go for that company.

Computer and Online Work from Home

1.    Freelance Translation services (

2.    Desktop Publishing Services or coaching online (Twitter/ Facebook/

3.    Computer Software and Language Coaching online or offline (

4.    Playing Games ( or

5.    Website Template making or designing and selling online via a blog or Facebook

6.    Logo designing or website banner selling (

7.    Virtual Customer service ( only USA!

8.    Website designing & selling (

9.    Content writing (

10.    Pay to Click Advertisements ( &

11.    Medical transcription (

12.    Selling Collectibles at Alibaba/ Amazon /eBay/ Locanto/ OLX

13.    e-book Publishing (

14.    SEO Consulting service ( Analyst-%28Junior%29-46861.html)

15.    Game development (

16.    Watching video (

17.    Social Media management (

18.    Recruitment Assistance

19.    Data Entry (

20.    Yoga Instructor (Skype)

21.    Beauty Care Products selling

22.    Interior Designing service

23.    Indoor Plant Consultation service

24.    ESL teaching (

25.    Soft skill development training (Online and Offline)

26.    Business Consultancy (

27.    Real Estate Agency

28.    Job Consultation service

29.    Matrimonial Services (Facebook/twitter/tumblr)

30.    Car driver referral service

31.    Travel Agency

32.    Security Agent hiring service

33.    Housekeeping Service Agent or housemaid booking agency


1.    Culinary service

2.    Food Blogging

3.    Cooking Classes

4.    Microwave oven cooking

5.    Baking classes

6.    Sweet making classes

7.    Biscuit baking classes

8.    Fitness food service

 Art and Craft works from Home (both offline or online)

1.    Jewelry Designing

2.    Clay Art

3.    Artificial flower decoration service

4.    Lingerie Crafting Business

5.    Fashion Designer (Coaching or selling custom made stuff online)

6.    Sewing and Selling Sequin items

7.    Bag Making and merchandising

8.    Abaya and Hijab selling

9.    Designer candle selling

10.    Selling crafts from recycle materials

11.    Art tuition

12.    Aerobic Classes

13.    Painting Classes via Skype

14.    Embroidery Classes

15.    Zari Works selling or classes

16.    Calligraphy print selling or tuition

17.    Selling Apparels

18.    Art work sales

19.    Henna Designer (services or tuition)

20.    Photography (Stock Photo sale)

Freelance Writing

1.    Social issues article to newspaper

2.    Fashion writing/editing (

3.    Copywriter and Proof reading work

4.    Theses writer or Research publication writer

5.    Blogging in Health care/ Health & Fitness/ Gardening/ IT/ E-greetings

Small scale farming

1.    Aquarium business

2.    Vegetable farming

3.    Mushroom cultivation

4.    Home-based nursery for selling plants & flowers

5.    Floriculture

6.    Hydroponic cultivation

7.    Herb gardening



1.    Party organizing service such as Birthday or Wedding

2.    Business event organizing service

3.    Nurses on call

4.    Elder Care giver or referring service

5.    Videotaping service

6.    Baby Sitting

7.    Pet minding

8.    Personal shopping business or mystery shopper for hire

9.    Financial Advising service

10.  Gift basket/ delivery service (eBay/ Locanto)



I have mentioned few companies which are in need of home-based workers to give you a bird’s eye view on the saturation of home-based working domain. But it is not the end. There is much more to explore to carve out your future from within box or out of the box opportunities.




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