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First and foremost should follow her religion,

Follows Mohammad’s (SAW) path and his mission,

Judges people on their faith not possessions,

Develop tranquil atmosphere not tension.



She must submit herself to Lord,

And always remember there's only One God,

Whenever been felt lonely cling to Almighty's cord,

She will be protected from any harm in said accord.



Prays to Allah five times a day,

Peaceful and calm she should stay,

Be happy, jolly and gay ..........

Make the most of time till she stays.



Be a benefactor to the mankind,

Be a protector of all living kinds,

Be composed at all times .........

Specially in times which are cruel and unkind.


One must be prudent,

And not at all dependent,

Take the responsibility which Allah has ordained,

Frank in her expressions and be fluent.



One must be attentive and creative,

And help others and be supportive,

Have a caring heart and be sensitive,

Most importantly she must not be offensive.



One must be honest and hate to cheat,

Be punctual, orderly and ready to meet,

Any obstacle and keep smile so sweet,

And never depends on others but ones own feet.



Work hard to be the Best,

Not a cuckoo chick in the nest,

Have a strong heart to undergo any test,

And be a cut above the rest!



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